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Asset Digital Twin Solution

ISDN Asset Digital Twin Solution

ISDN’s Asset Digital Twin integrates cutting-edge geospatial features, redefining asset management with a comprehensive digital counterpart that mirrors physical assets. This innovative approach provides effortless access to detailed engineering and maintenance records, fostering an environment where errors are minimized and efficiency is markedly increased.


The intricate integration of geospatial data further enhances the user experience by enabling the visualization of complex datasets in a geographically contextual landscape. By overlaying asset information on real-world locations, decision-making becomes more intuitive, responsive, and strategically informed, empowering businesses to manage their assets with unprecedented clarity and foresight.

Key Features of ISDN Supply Chain Management

  1. Sales Price Control: Development and maintenance of sales price lists to provide a basis for sales operations and automatic pricing according to customer orders.

  2. Shipment Notification Alerts: Color-coded warnings for order processing to prioritize delivery schedules.

  3. Multiple Payment Methods: Accommodates various payment options to suit diverse customer preferences.

  4. Financial Period Management: Tools for managing financial periods effectively within the supply chain operations.

  5. Direct Shipment Sales Process: Streamlining the sales and purchasing process, generating virtual documents to save on communication and labor costs between units.

  6. Receivables Maturity Alerts: Provides alerts for receivables, enhancing financial management.

  7. Delivery Schedule Management: Supports shipment according to a delivery schedule for better logistics planning.

  8. Flexible Return Business Processing: Adapts to various return processes, improving inventory management and customer satisfaction.

  9. Procurement Management Support: Supports purchase price control, direct shipment procurement processes, and commissioning processing.

  10. Collaboration Enhancements: Improves collaboration across procurement operations and with suppliers through the supplier portal.

  11. Efficient Vendor Management: Streamlines vendor management from registration to final review and collaboration.

  12. Optimization Opportunities: Provides optimization opportunities for inventory management and customer satisfaction, reducing hedging and saving on labor costs.

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