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Challenge #1


The company in question, XYZ Manufacturing, is an established player in the industry. Recognizing the need to stay competitive and enhance productivity, XYZ Manufacturing invested heavily in automation technologies across their production lines. Despite these advancements, the company has been facing difficulties in achieving competitive pricing for its manufactured products and struggles with bottlenecks in its manufacturing system, which hinder overall efficiency.

Challenges Faced:

Uncompetitive Pricing:

XYZ Manufacturing's products, despite incorporating automation, are priced higher than their competitors' offerings. This disparity affects the company's market share and profitability, raising concerns about sustainability and growth.

Bottlenecks in the Manufacturing System: 

The company's manufacturing process suffers from bottlenecks that impede the smooth flow of production. These bottlenecks lead to delays, increased lead times, and reduced output, affecting the company's ability to meet customer demands effectively

 Identify potential solutions and strategies to address these issues, ultimately improving the company's overall competitiveness.

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