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Store and retrieve your data

Archive your data with a flat-file real-time historian, ensuring it's stored in a condensed, readily accessible manner. Leverage the historian's suite of analytical, reporting, or graphing functionalities, or explore data visualization and analysis through DataHub WebView and OPC UA HDA clients.


With Cogent Datahub, You can

  • Connect and store data in historians from any of these providers:

    • InfluxData – providers of InfluxDB®, a popular open source time series database, and InfluxDB Cloud™, a time series database as a service.

    • Amazon – offering Amazon Kinesis™ Data Streams (KDS) that ingests and stores data streams for processing in AWS.

    • AVEVA – with AVEVA™ Historian, a plant-scale industrial historian (formerly Wonderware Historian), and AVEVA™ Insight: cloud-based analysis for industrial data.

    • OSIsoft – providers of the PI System™ real-time historian used to collect, store, contextualize, visualize and integrate process data.

    • RESTful systems – any web service that supports the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) standard.

  • Store the data when a connection goes down, and forward it when it is reestablished.

  • Connect segmented OT and IT networks via DMZs (when combined with the Tunnel/Mirror feature).

Tunnelling Historical Data

Effortlessly transmit data recorded in the InfluxDB historian to any compatible historian over a network. Utilize the DataHub's Tunnel/Mirror function for secure data transfer, including through proxy servers and DMZs, without the need for VPNs or opening inbound firewall ports. Its integrated store-and-forward capability guarantees data integrity, preventing losses even amid network disruptions.


Store and Forwarding for Cloud Connections

Integrations with Amazon Kinesis, Azure IoT Hub, Amazon IoT Core, Google IoT, and other MQTT brokers now feature an embedded store-and-forward mechanism via the InfluxDB historian. This setup provides local data storage to safeguard against data loss during network fluctuations. With just one setup, you secure the benefits of both store-and-forward reliability and visibility into local historical data.

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