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An industrial wastewater treatment plant with offiste operations at customer locations needs a solution to centralise the monitoring and control process. The company currently lacks a centralised monitoring system, which results in an effective use of manpower and resources.

Key Challenges

  • Scalability: New plant requires new local SCADA system and a new team of operators

  • System availability: Standalone system cannot ensure high availability of the system. License cost for redundant SCADA system is high.

  • Operation management and operation training: Operators need to travel to individual sites every day. Operators are trained to operate specific treatment plants too. Exchanging operators between treatment plants during manpower shortage is challenging.

  • Inaccuracy of data collection: Management in the office relies on the monthly report submitted by individual site supervisors from each client-side. Prone to human error.


  • Increase Scalability: System for new plants can be implemented easily.

  • Increase system availability: High availability of the system ensure high treatment operation time and increase the billing to customer.

  • Reduce operational cost: The operational costs is heavily impacted by the wage of the operator because every client site will need a team of operators to operate the wastewater plant.

  • Increase management productivity and effectiveness: Billing clients monthly will require a lot of manhours doing repetitive things like data entry to spreadsheet because the monthly client data is not computed automatically. This process takes a lot of time and prone to human errors.


Software used:

Centralised SCADA system using System Platform with OMI | Stratus ztC Edge | AVEVA Historian Server  AVEVA Historian Client

Increase Scalability

Implement a Centralized SCADA system using System Platform with OMI. This centralized system will be communicating with the remote sites via OPCUA. New system will be easily integrated into the centralized SCADA system.

Increase system availability

Implement a local SCADA system for every site using AVEVA EDGE hosted on Stratus ztC Edge to provide high availability system.

Reduce operational cost

Deploy OMI clients on the centralized office and the use of standardized industrial object for the System platform and AVEVA edge.

Increase management productivity and effectiveness

Configure important tags to push data to AVEVA Historian Server, and install AVEVA Historian Client on the main office computer, create a tool with the Historian Client plugin to auto extract data for automatic billing.


Implement Centralized SCADA

Operators now reside in the main office and there is only a need to hire a single team of operators. Prospect Company can scale up to implement more client sites since the process of scaling up is simple. Monthly overhead expenditure of the company is significantly reduced.

Implement Local SCADA with Stratus zEdge

With Stratus zEdge, the high availability of production is guaranteed.

Standardized the use of Industrial Graphic and symbols across multiple AVEVA Products

A standard guidelines can be used to train newly hired operators which saves time.

Implement Storage of tag values via Historian Server and Retrieval of tag values via Historian Client

The monthly billing of customers is more automated and can be extracted directly from main office using AVEVA Historian Client.

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