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The hydroelectric power plant consists of 4 systems, namely: governor (turbine controller), exciter (excitation), generator (electrical protection), synchronization and power house. Each system has it's own controller, which limits the system's operations.

Key Challenges

  • Every system has its own controller which limits the system’s operations to:

    • Individually monitored and controlled

    • High maintenance cost

    • Reliable on manpower

    • No diagnostics ability


  • Resolve and mitigate the following risks:

    • Operational stoppages

    • Downtime

    • Manual Data Correction and Reporting

    • Also with these modernisation, the goal is to:

  • Have a Unified Control System

    • Increased Reliability

    • Lower Maintenance

    • Real-Time Events Reporting

    • Fully Optimize Power Plant


Software used:

Redundant Schneider PLC | Stratus zTC Edge 110i | AVEVA System PLatform | AVEVA Historian | InTouch OMI

Redundant Schneider PLC

Integrate all of the power plant’s systems to a redundant PLC and improve system's reliability and reduce downtime

Stratus zTC Edge 110i


Guarantee system's security and efficiency. Quick recovery for redundant servers and failures. Rugged design of Stratus zTC Edge is also advantageous due to the power plant's harsh environmental conditions

AVEVA System Platform

Allows the plant to use and maximize capabilities provided by both existing controllers and provided PLC. AVEVA Historian also enables the plant to log all important data all systems with ease and eliminates human error. Alarms and events are also captured, providing trends and reports using the Historian Client. Create daily energy consumption which helps monitor the plant's efficiency


InTouch OMI

Create screens that can be used in all client nodes


  • Unified Control System which integrates all the functions and components of the hydro electric power plant

  • Modernization of their outdated control and electrical systems which improved overall reliability of the entire power plant

  • Monitoring, reporting and data analysing are now real time which helps them make knowledgeable decisions thus optimizes the power plant’s performance

  • Alarms and events are all logged and can be easily accessed for tracing and finding root cause of downtime

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