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ISDN Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Experience Next-Level Efficiency with ISDN Warehouse Management Solution

Unlock the full potential of your warehouse operations with ISDN Warehouse Management Solution, a powerful off-the-shelf software that integrates seamlessly whether as a standalone system or as part of the full Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by ISDN. Designed to address the core challenges faced by modern warehouses, our solution enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, setting new standards in inventory and operations management.

Need for a reliable, tested, and quickly deployable solution

ISDN Warehouse Management is a pre-built software solution that is ready to implement with minimal customization needed, ensuring you can get up and running quickly with a proven system.

Wasted time and resources in warehouse operations?

Streamline operations and maximize efficiency with our intelligent layout planning and optimized resource allocation tools.

Mismanagement of inventory levels leading to operational disruptions?

Maintain precise inventory levels with real-time tracking and automated stock updates, significantly reducing discrepancies and enabling better supply chain management.

Manual tasks that slow down operations and employee performance?

Automate routine tasks to free up your staff for more value-added activities, boosting overall productivity.

 Inefficient workflow processes that increase operational costs?

Our advanced automation capabilities streamline every aspect of warehouse operations, from receiving to shipping, ensuring optimal workflow efficiency.

Damage and mismanagement during handling, affecting product quality?

Enhance your product handling processes with automated sorting, routing, and storage solutions, reducing damage and loss.

ISDN Warehouse Management Solution goes beyond traditional systems by providing a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution that is both robust and flexible. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems or function as a core component of a full MES deployment by ISDN. This adaptability makes it ideal for businesses looking to upgrade their warehouse capabilities without extensive system overhauls.

  1. Receiving: Receiving sales orders based on manufacturing output and existing stock.

  2. Inventory: Receive real-time inventory updates including details like location, pallet number, or expiry date.

  3. Picking: Improve efficiency by automatically creating order groups to create the best pick-up plan.

  4. Stock-Take: Manual stock take is time-consuming. Our system automates the stock-take process so employees can get real-time, updated information on the inventory.

  5. Kitting: Automatically group related items together so they can be packaged and supplied as one package.

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Implementing ISDN's Warehouse Management Solution transformed our operations, significantly boosting efficiency and reducing costs. It's not just a tool; it's a strategic advantage that's essential to our growth."

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