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MOU Signing Ceremony for ITE East Connectivity Solutions Lab

MOU Signing Ceremony with ITE College East

Singapore, 2 Mar 2022 – ISDN Software Business (“ISDN”) today announced the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) East Connectivity Solutions Lab.​ This is a collaboration between ITE, AVEVA Software Singapore Pte Ltd (AVEVA), ISDN Software Business, and Stratus Technologies Pte Ltd (Stratus). The 3 partners will offer expertise and equipment to support ITE and provide professional advice on operating a unified operations centre. 


Additionally, AVEVA, ISDN and Stratus has provided technical expertise and sponsorship of fault tolerance servers to the ITE, including the supply of robotic systems, nerve centres, and other technologies to support the talent development for the Smart Nation objectives. 

To further students' professional experience before graduation, AVEVA, ISDN and Stratus will also provide training and the sharing of industry practices with the staff and students of the ITE through technology seminars, webinars, staff attachments and student internships. ISDN and Stratus will also offer at least eight internship placements for ITE students annually to develop their technical skillsets through work-based learning programmes. 


“Having real-world experience has always been important in preparing students for the workforce, and perhaps even more so today. The fast-evolving and digitally transformed economy means that students need to know how to apply what they’ve learnt to solve emerging challenges in the workplace,” said Mr CK Teo, President and Managing Director at ISDN Holdings Ltd. 

"We look forward to working with, and sharing our professional expertise with the students and staff at the ITE. We are confident that this will be an enriching learning experience for all involved," he added. 



About ISDN Software Business

ISDN Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISDN Holdings Ltd. We focus on providing professional, reliable solutions and technical services to local as well as regional customers.

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