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ISDN Software Business is an Official Partner of OSIsoft

ISDN Software Business partners with OSIsoft, global leader in real-time industrial data software and services

[Singapore, 23 December 2020] — ISDN SOFTWARE BUSINESS announced today their official partnership with OSIsoft, a U.S.-based company providing a data-collecting, management and visualization IIoT platform, the PI System®. The partnership plans to bolster enterprises' digital transformation, the benefits of real-time data information to industrial companies in Southeast Asia in multiple industries. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has improved rapidly in recent years, making data collecting much easier by connecting a variety of industrial assets to a data repository. However, in order to manage and analyze such huge amounts of information, a single-managed data platform is very critical. During the manufacturing process, different types of data are collected and stored by different devices and systems. However, in some cases, it has not been integrated and managed by a single platform. This shows more and more the needs and requirements for enterprises to optimize their operations, and create new services and value by integrating different types of data. The OSIsoft PI System has the capability to collect massive amounts of data from a variety of sensors, devices, and equipment from multiple plants and factories into a visualized and managed platform. Currently The PI System has been successfully installed in over 127 countries, and illustrated proven success in over 19,000 plants and factories worldwide. This goes very well with ISDN Software Business's vision to empower customers and partners with expert services to drive digital transformation with minimum risks and quicker time to values for their investment. “We are proud to be an official partner of OSIsoft in bringing real-time operations data and insights, from plant to edge to cloud for industrial companies across the Asia Pacific region,” said ISDN Software Business Director, Mr GK Tay. About ISDN Software Business ISDN Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISDN Holdings Ltd. As a leading engineering solutions provider, ISDN offers a wide range of engineering services, including Motion Control, Industrial Computing Solutions and Other Engineering Solutions. We focus on providing professional, reliable solutions and technical services to local as well as regional customers. ### Related Links:

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