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ISDN Software Signs Agreement with Temasek Polytechnic to co-develop local hydroponic system

Singapore, 17 Feb 2022 – ISDN Software Business (“ISDN”) today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Temasek Polytechnic for the co-development of an aesthetic hydroponics system for domestic use and commercialisation.

Food security is a critical issue in Singapore, which depends on imports to supply 90 per cent of local supply.

Given that Singapore is vulnerable to disruptions in the global food production and supply chain, the Singapore Food Agency has set a goal to produce 30 per cent of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030. In line with these efforts, ISDN and Temasek Polytechnic are developing a hydroponics system, which will take place from February to December 2022. ISDN will lead engineering aspects of the project, including design, prototyping, and manufacturing, and will also spearhead the commercialisation efforts once the hydroponics system is complete. Temasek Polytechnic will take on the LED lighting technology critical to the system.

“Environmental and resource sustainability is one of ISDN’s key priorities. We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Temasek Polytechnic to contribute to local food security efforts. We aim to incorporate smart technologies within the hydroponics system to equip it with modern capabilities in a digital-first world,” said Mr GK Tay, Director of ISDN Software Business. >>>>> About ISDN Software Business ISDN Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISDN Holdings Ltd. We focus on providing professional, reliable solutions and technical services to local as well as regional customers.

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