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ISDN Software signs MOU with National Development University "Veteran" Yogyakarta

Indonesia, 13 July 2022 – ISDN Software Business (“ISDN”) today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with National Development University "Veteran" Yogyakarta to embark on a series of collaborations. National Development University "Veteran" Yogyakarta or commonly abbreviated as UPN "Veteran", is one of the State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia located in Depok District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Through the MOU, UPN will promote and showcase solutions (i.e., Manufacturing Execution Systems, Unified Operations Centre and Internet of Things) developed by ISDN to the Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods industry in Indonesia.

UPN staff and students will also be using ISDN’s software platform to develop and implement solutions, with the goal of launching these solutions for commercial use. ISDN will also provideISDN will train the UPN staff using ISDN software platform to educate on the ISDN solutions.

ISDN will provide coaching and guidance to UPN staff to equip them with the capability to develop solutions using ISDN software platform and to help the students better understand the manufacturing and industrial landscape today. ISDN and UPN will also jointly conduct workshops to help companies in their digitalisation journey. “We are thrilled to be partnering with UPN to build capacity and develop products using our ISDN software platform. The manufacturing industry has experienced significant digital shifts, and it is of critical importance that we expose students and educators to the latest technologies and industry challenges to help prepare them for the future world of work,” said Mr GK Tay, Director of ISDN. About ISDN Software Business Pte. Ltd. ISDN Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISDN Holdings Ltd. We focus on providing professional, reliable solutions and technical services to local as well as regional customers. Media Contact: Angela Cai

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