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Process Efficiency and Parameters Management

Optimizes manufacturing efficiency through advanced monitoring and
analysis of equipment effectiveness.

This solution integrates state-of-the-art MES software and monitoring controls, such as HMI along with custom-designed components from ISDN. Compliant with industry standards, it offers high configurability to adapt calculations to specific process parameters. With an implementation period of just about 2.5 weeks, this solution ensures optimized performance and operational excellence.

This is the overview page to provide a glance of all
the equipment and operation efficiency values.

image (18).png

The production page provides a comprehensive view of
operation efficiency derived from process data. It
showcases all downtime events and offers real-time
calculations, ensuring a dynamic and informed overview
of operational efficiency.

image (19).png

This page serves as the platform for users to create
batch orders for the process line. These batch orders are
organized into campaigns, streamlining management
and coordination across the production process.

image (21).png

The report page displays batch efficiency metrics for
each batch line, offering a clear and concise overview of

Why this Matters

Standardized Performance Measurement

This provides a standardized framework for measuring and comparing the performance of different equipment or production lines within a facility or across multiple facilities.

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

By analysing parameters, organizations can pinpoint areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to increase efficiency and productivity.



Can Help 

ISDN's process efficiency and parameters monitoring solution monitors and analyzes equipment Availability, Performance, and Quality, providing actionable insights for improvement. Data Integration and Visualization’s integrates data from various sources, such as mixers, dissolvers, and weight sensors, into a centralized system, enhancing visibility and control. This enables informed decision-making based on comprehensive data.

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