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ProcessVue alarm management is 100% reliable at Premier Oil

By replacing their sequence of events (SOE) system with ProcessVue software, Premier Oil’s Balmoral facility has experienced zero software outages since it was installed.

Premier Oil, a company engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, holds stakes in nine operational fields within the UK. Among these, the Balmoral facility is a dedicated, semi-submersible floating production vessel (FPV) located in the Central North Sea. Since its installation in 1986, this FPV's mooring system is anchored by eight tension-adjustable chains connected to piles. Its topside amenities encompass fluid separation and treatment facilities, energy generation, gas compression, and accommodations for over 100 personnel. The FPV is designed for a maximum oil processing capacity of approximately 60,000 barrels per day and can handle up to 90,000 barrels per day of produced water. Lacking oil storage facilities, the FPV directly transports oil to Cruden Bay through a 14km pipeline (connecting Brae to Forties) and subsequently overland to Hound Point.

Lee Hanlon, Instrument and Controls Engineer at Premier Oil North Sea, was also project lead for the ProcessVue implementation at Balmoral.

He commented: “We have lots of safety-critical plant and equipment, as well as thousands of individual instruments installed across the Balmoral FPV. Event and alarm data from these instruments needs to be logged on a continuous basis. The sequence of events leading up to a failure or plant shutdown need to be recorded, so that we have 100% traceability at all times. If anything unforeseen happens, our personnel need to be able to quickly identify and analyse the root cause of the events that triggered an alarm.”


Collects alarm and event messages from multiple disparate systems and consolidates them into an industry standard SQL database. Provides a unified view of all your Alarm & Event data.

ProcessVue on

MAC Solutions swiftly installed and tailored ProcessVue on Balmoral in just three days, offering intuitive, minimal-training software critical for operational efficiency, with added advanced analysis features enhancing event management and reporting.

Software to EEMUA 191 Guidelines

ProcessVue, adhering to EEMUA 191 standards since 1991, transforms alarm management in production facilities with continuous data analysis, advanced KPI reporting, and alarm rationalization to enhance safety and efficiency.

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