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Doing nothing to improve your alarm system(s) is not an option

Overflowing with unnecessary alarms can overwhelm operators, diluting their focus from critical issues. This not only escalates operational costs but also risks breaching compliance standards.

Why you need Alarm Management

Unify all your alarms and events in one tool

Collects alarm and event messages from multiple disparate systems and consolidates them into an industry standard SQL database. Provides a unified view of all your Alarm & Event data.

Advanced Data Analytics


Improving operational efficiency through alarm benchmarking and event analysis. Track your alarm system improvements, identify alarm system problems, and demonstrate alarm priority distribution

Compliance to standards

Doing nothing to improve your alarm system(s) is not an option; in particular, it is a requirement under the COMAH 2015 regulations. Regulators may consider enforcement if you are not managing or improving your alarm system(s) and cannot demonstrate a commitment to doing so.

The ProcessVue Alarm Management Software Suite is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience and expertise in managing alarms. Based on globally-recognised industrial alarm management standards, it provides key personnel with clear, relevant and prioritised information for operations, compliance and business optimisation. ProcessVue is used by leading companies throughout the world due to its ease of use, rich functionality and the passion of the ProcessVue team.

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3 Solutions to fit your needs:


Collects, organizes, and saves alarm and event information from various sources, allowing users to easily access, filter, and search this data through web interfaces


Enhances the SOE base with its robust features. It offers a Web Client packed with tools for KPI-driven dashboards, frequency analysis, and standard reporting. Its built-in reporting engine allows for automated, scheduled reports. Additionally, it supports KPI reports aligned with EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2 standards, ensuring global compliance.


Offers a streamlined way to manage and monitor plant alarm assets and changes in a single system. It allows for flexible management of various plant assets and enables direct comparisons of live parameters with set standards for efficient auditing.

Data Processing

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