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Skkynet DataHub is a single tool that let's you connect, concentrate, integrate and redistribute your live data among sources and users in real time.


DataHub integrates data from a number of sources, providing many ways for you to use the data. There is currently no other system integration product for industrial automation on the market that compares to the DataHub for versatility, power, speed, and ease of use.


  • Real-time Middleware​​: 

    • Establish secure, bidirectional data communication for your industrial systems.

    • Receive, integrate, and stream over 50,000 data changes per second.

  • Integrate your data​

    • ​Pool data from all sources and protocols into a single, unified data set. Any client can access any data subset using any supported protocol: OPC UA, OPC Classic, MQTT, Modbus, DDE, TCP, ODBC, HTTP, XML, and more.


  1. It's fast - handling 50,000+ data point changes per second

  2. It's convenient - all features are fully integrated into a single user interface

  3. It fits in with just about any industrial system

  4. It saves time and money through easy configuration and robust performance

  5. Its built in web HMI (Webview™) lets you to build and view pages in a web browser

  6. It has a worldwide user base of over 1,800 customers with over 16,000 installations Its sumple licensing model streamlines system management and deployment

  7. It connects to Skkyhub™, best-of-breed networking for the Industrial IoT, allowing any combination of in-plant, cloud or hybrid connectivity configuration per dataset



  • Network OPC servers and clients

  • Integrate OPC UA with OPC DA

  • Connect to MQTT Brokers, including Azure, Google and Amazon IoT

  • Visualize your data, and do supervisory control

  • Log your data to any SQL database

  • Bridge data between servers

  • Configure redundant connections

  • Modify your data instream

  • Connect securely to the Industrial IoT

  • Many more options!

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