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Join our Hands-on training. Learning is not a spectator sport.


When learning new concepts, it’s one thing to grasp the “big picture” but it’s another to implement skills or new knowledge. Especially with technical topics, the devil is in the details and getting those details right is what distinguishes good practitioners from charlatans. ​

We have small group physical training sessions for the Singapore Market and virtual online hands-on training for other countries. 

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Our Sister Company, Servo Dynamics Singapore is your Certified Support and Training Provider. All of our instructors are Wonderware Certified Support and Training Providers with extensive experience in helping clients maximize the Wonderware Suite of Products.

Our instructors have an extensive knowledge of Wonderware's products since the time when their products were first launched. Having followed the technological developments Wonderware has made over the years, our instructors bring to the table a strong understanding and appreciation of the issues many users face in their everyday operations.

We understand that having your team members attend the same training course is important. We provide both onsite and offsite training to meet the needs of our customers who may work in remote locations. Please contact us to arrange your training course with us.

A Subsidiary of ISDN Holdings:

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Offered by ISDN Software


Knowledge is power — especially in the world of sales. Salespeople need to be armed with the information they need to make a sale. The most important information? Product knowledge.


Our sister company, Servo Dynamics Philippines is holding training workshops on AVEVA Edge, AVEVA InTouch HMI and AVEVA Application Server.

Check out the workshop schedules and register early to avoid disappointments.

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