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About ISDN

Software Business

Unlocking the Value of Digital Transformation

ISDN Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISDN Holdings Ltd. We focus on providing professional, reliable solutions and technical services to local as well as regional customers.

As we quickly enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world as we know it is changed dramatically by new technologies that connect the physical world with the digital. Its impact fundamentally change economics, industries as well as the way we as human beings live our day to-day lives.

Technology will effectively and dramatically influence the way organisations and management of assets are conducted in the future, giving way to a better and more efficient methods of operations.

ISDN believes in empowering you to prepare for this future. Change is daunting, but we can help you meet your needs as you venture towards the inevitable digital transformation at minimum risks on your investments.

We keep you informed and ahead of these changes, both by introducing new products as well as improve on your existing systems.

Our Business Objectives
  • More Proactive and responsive to customer needs and requirements 

  • To gain customer's confidence and becoming their trusted advisor to help meet their needs for digital economy

  • To empower customers and partners with expert services to drive digital transformation with minimum risks and quicker time to values for their investment

  • Keeping customers for life by making customers staying ahead of change, both by introducing new products and helping customers modify existing product implementations.


Visit our ISDN Demo Centre

Experience: State of the art technical engagement facility

Access: Suite of Industry 4.0 Solutions and Expertise

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