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Industrial Innovation
Convention 2022

Jointly hosted by:
ISDN Software Business | AVEVA | Stratus Technologies | IEEE Computer Society

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Industries has seen drastic changes in the last five years, due largely to the seismic digital shifts catalysed by the pandemic.


The coming of the Industry 4.0 era has not only changed the way we operate but also the way our employees do their jobs.


We will be hosting an Industrial Innovation Convention where industry experts and industry players will be invited to share their advice and views.

The Industrial Innovation Convention is held and organized by 4 parties: ISDN Software Business, AVEVA, Stratus Technologies and the IEEE Computer Society.


Watch The Industrial Innovation Convention 2022 to be at the forefront of the discussions surrounding the game-changing developments within your industry, and capitalize on the opportunities.

Meet key industry leaders as they come together in-person to discuss the most important issues in your industry.


Discover trends and developments which influence the magnitude of sustainable business development for your industry


Find out how industry players in your industry does it differently


Get answers to your challenges in adopting Industry 4.0


Pick your industry of interest

Checking Lettuce Growth



Indoor Farming & Fish Farming

21 Sept 2022


AMC at Temasek Polytechnic

Male employee looking up data in a laptop PC

Smart Facilities


Datacenter, Infrastructure, Sustainability

30 Sep 2022


Schneider Electric innovation Hub


Smart Manufacturing

Production, Operations management

14 Oct 2022


ITE College East

Registrations are closed. But you can watch the recordings online.

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