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Jointly hosted by:
ISDN Software Business | AVEVA | Stratus Technologies | IEEE Computer Society

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The Industrial Innovation Challenge 2022 is a competition held and sponsored by 4 parties: ISDN Software Business, AVEVA, Stratus Technologies and the IEEE Computer Society.

The Competition seeks to get participants to apply their process design skills to solve real-world design problems. A unique opportunity to develop their experience while being mentored and supported through the entire competition by expert leaders from  ISDN Software Business.

Your chance to solve real-world customer problems

You've heard all about automation systems and solutions. Curious to put your skills to the test to solve a real customer problem? This is your chance to do so! 

We will be inviting our customers to our IIC Forum to share problems they're currently facing in their journey to Industry 4.0, and you'll have to work with your team members to design a solution that's ready for implementation.


Don't miss this rare opportunity to go behind the scenes to solve actual customer issues.


Solve real-world customer challenges

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Work with industry leading businesses

Business Meeting

Commercialize your developed solution

Competition Details

  1. A briefing will be held in Aug 

  2. Customer Industry Forums will be held in Sept, where competition topics will be derived. All participants are strongly encouraged to attend the forum to get first-hand information on challenges faced and what customers want.

  3. Competition topics as stated below

  4. Participants will work on solution in month of Nov

  5. Submission of solution (presentation + demo) on 16 Dec 2022

  6. Top 5 winners will be chosen and announced on 27 Dec 2022

  7. Final presentation on 13 Jan 2023 for the Most Innovative Award


Form teams of max 5 to participate in the Challenge

*For Students, students studying in tertiary institutions in Singapore can form teams of maxto participate in the Challenge. All teams are to have a Faculty Member both for Mentorship and Support/Sponsor role. The Educational Category is jointly organised with the IEEE Computer Society.

Glass Buildings

Attractive Prizes To Be Won!

SGD 500 each

Most Innovative Award
SGD 2000

*All prizes are presented as gift vouchers

IIC 2021 Champion
- Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic resolve a challenge faced by a local Singapore Fish Farm, and automated their fish feeding process. 

The local fish farm was thrilled to have the solution implemented on-site resolving the daily challenges they face. Read more about the challenge and solution. Or check out the other case studies from our #IIC2021!

You can be the next winner! Register to participate in the challenge today.

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Image by Dan Gold

First Submission: 16 Dec 2022

Announcement of Top 5 Winners:
27 Dec 2022

Final Presentation for Top 5 Winners:
13 Jan 2023

  1. Smart Farming: Using Technology for Sustainable farming operation

  2. Smart Facilities and Data Centre: Asset sustainability for operation performance

  3. Smart Manufacturing: Deploying smart applications for sustainable growth operations

We have held 3 forums related to the above mentioned industries. 

If you have missed any of our IIC Forums, watch the recordings here.


Watch now:

Register for the Competition

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Right of Publicity.

By participating in this event, you immediately grant the Company (ISDN) the unrestricted, worldwide, royalty‐free right to use, reproduce, publish and otherwise distribute your name, photograph, video presence, and content/story in Company promotional materials, in any and all formats, platforms or other media or social media now existing or hereafter created, without remuneration. 

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