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Thank you for joining IIC 2022! We are having our 3rd run of IIC this year.
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The Industrial Innovation Challenge 2022 is a competition held and sponsored by 4 parties: ISDN Software Business, AVEVA, Stratus Technologies and the IEEE Computer Society.

The Competition seeks to get participants to apply their process design skills to solve real-world design problems. A unique opportunity to develop their experience while being mentored and supported through the entire competition by expert leaders from  ISDN Software Business.

We have our winners for IIC2022

Champion for IIC2023

ITE College East

Lai Shi Hua
Lim Jun Hui
Li Zheng Guang



Top Finalists:

Temasek Polytechnic Team 1

Irfan Asmadi

Lam Ao Yan

Tan Yee Kiat Keith

Soon Ming Zen Gerome


Temasek Polytechnic Team 2


Gan Hong Wei

Phyo Htet Khaing

Foo Geng Wei


In addition, we have a special-mentioned award given to another team from ITE College East for their creative idea.

Congratulations to the team headed by Lecturer Austin.

IIC 2022 Forums
  1. Smart Farming: Using Technology for Sustainable farming operation

  2. Smart Facilities and Data Centre: Asset sustainability for operation performance

  3. Smart Manufacturing: Deploying smart applications for sustainable growth operations

We have held 3 forums related to the above-mentioned industries. 

Watch the recordings here.


Watch now:

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