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Solutions for the
Power Industry

Our solutions are a perfect fit for the power industry operators seeking to digitally transform their operations to reduce risk, save costs, optimize performance, and speed crisis response.

These solutions can be applied to nuclear, fossil fuel and renewable generation. Servo Dynamics Philippines is ready to help you in any phase of your digital transformation journey from design, build, through operation and maintenance.

1) Centralized SCADA System

Key highlights:

  1. ​Visibility for the whole system with real-time data (overview, by Line Diagram, Trend)

  2. Data Historian: manage history data within seconds (acquire – store – retrieve – replicate – query – graphical content)

  3. Abnormal Management

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2) Energy Monitoring System

Key Highlights

1- Visibility for whole plant real-time data (Panel Block, Line Diagram, Trend)

2- Abnormal Management

3- Plant-wide Dashboard with consolidated info

3) Unified Operation Center (UOC)

Key Highlights

1- Visibility via a single UOC platform

2- Seamless Integration with 3rd party System

3- Optimize assets across the company

4- Smarter and faster Decision-Making

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ISDN Software believes in empowering you to prepare for the future.

Change is daunting, but we can help you meet your needs as you venture towards the inevitable digital transformation at minimum risks on your investments.


Contact us at to arrange for a free demo of the solutions.

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