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Jointly hosted by:
ISDN Software Business |  IEEE Computer Society

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ISDN Software is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Industrial Innovation Challenge 2023. Building upon the immense success of our previous competition, we are once again providing a platform for talented individuals and teams to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and technological advancements.

With the Industrial Innovation Challenge 2023, we aim to inspire and engage the brightest minds in the industry. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional, this is your opportunity to make a significant impact and propel your ideas forward.

Participants will have the chance to present their innovations to a distinguished panel of experts and industry leaders. By competing in this challenge, you not only stand a chance to win exciting prizes but also gain invaluable exposure and networking opportunities that can open doors to future collaborations and investments.

Final Presentation

You are invited!

Venue: Advanced Manufacturing Center at Temasek Polytechnic
Date: 8th February
Time: 2 PM to 4 PM

Here, you will have the unique opportunity to witness the winning team's presentation and gain insights from the model answers provided by our ISDN team.

This session is more than a presentation; it's a learning opportunity, a chance to see firsthand the innovation that we aspire to achieve in the IIC. We believe that by sharing knowledge and ideas, we can collectively elevate our understanding and approach to future challenges.

Let us come together to celebrate the achievements of our peers and to draw inspiration for our own journeys in innovation. Your presence will not only honor the winning team but also contribute to a shared vision of learning and growth.

Glass Buildings

Attractive Prizes 

IIC Championship
Cash Voucher of S$2000

+ Top Finalists Awards:
*All prizes are presented as gift vouchers
Audience Applauding

to Temasek Polytechnic!

Winning team:
Anurag P.S
Rishi Subhash Kumar

Guided by:

Frederick Matibag

Image by Dan Gold


15 Sep - Welcome Session (Briefing) 

13 Oct - Workshop #1 - Register Now

14 Nov - Workshop #2

22 Dec - First Submission for Review

19 Jan - Announcement of Top Finalists

8 Feb 2024 - IIC2023 Final Presentation
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