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The ALPANA Dashboard is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive industrial dashboards. 


It includes a powerful dashboard designer application to easily compose dashboards, as well as a web portal to manage and share dashboards.


It is mean for AVEVA Software with native connectors to their complete portfolio.


  • Data Connectivity

  • Widgets

  • NEW Layout and Theme Management


  1. Alpana Designer application in the Dashboard lets you to visualize data using a rich widget library

  2. Alpana Server application in the Dashboard lets you organize and share dashboards through a web interface

  3. Turn Data into Insights for your team

  4. Real-time access to Data

Data on a Touch Pad

Key Features of the Alpana Dashboard 

Create powerful graphical representations with Alpana Designer

The Alpana Designer is a drag and drop designer application with the Dashboard. It has a rich widget library that allows you to easily create graphs from a wide selection of chart options.

Share dashboards effectively with Alpana Server

The Alpana Server application within the Dashboard can host multiple tenants in complete isolation, enabling you to organize and share dashboards through a web interface. With a simple API integration, your data is updated automatically and seamlessly for different team members.

Data stays securely in your servers

Because industrial data is critical, you can host the dashboard server within your local network or on your secure cloud servers so all data remains secure within your servers. We support Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Cost effective licensing

Our licensing is cost effective for both small and large teams. You can choose between perpetual licences or subscription. Please contact us for more details.

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