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AVEVA Teamwork is the performance support application inthe cloud that is empowering workers at organizations to learn, solve problems and share knowledge from their workstations.


Teamwork combines digital content, skills managementand communication features into a single, worker-centeredapplication to support the unique needs of the plant floor.

The result is a continuously updated knowledge base ofbest practices and training content, automatically sharedwith the workers who need them, across shifts and globaloperations.


  • Standardize work instructions: Centralize a global knowledge base of procedures.

  • Manage workforce skills: Deliver and track training programs to ensure maximum coverage and versatility.

  • Troubleshoot and solve problems: Send out calls for help and empower operators to solve problems quickly.

  • Support daily operations: Share important updates across shifts, departments and plants.


Deliver and manage all training

Utilizing the cloud as a more effective approach to continuous learning that minimizes production disruptions and connects workers through shared knowledge.

Ensure skills coverage and compliance

With a holistic method to managing skills & training that empowers supervisors, HR & workers.

Increase visibility and insight into production

With a centralized digital logbook to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration.

Drive performance and minimize inconsistencies

Through an equipment-focused perspective to standardizing work across shifts and plants that support continuous in-the-flow learning.

Reduce downtime and find permanent solutions

Using a closed-loop process to problem-solving that supports and engages workers in a culture of continuous improvement.

Integrate with existing systems

Leveraging your greater operations and digital transformation strategy to trigger actions and share information with HMI/SCADA, MES, CMMS and more.

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Empower workers with the

knowledge & digital resources
they need to do their jobs effectively

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