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Overcoming Remote Data Integration Challenges

In today’s industrial landscape, engineers face significant challenges in integrating and managing data from remote sites. Common issues include:

  • Security Risks: Traditional methods expose networks through inbound firewall ports, making them vulnerable to cyber threats.

  • DCOM Problems: Using DCOM for communication between OPC servers and clients leads to reliability issues and complex configurations.

  • Data Model Integrity: Flattened data models result in inaccurate data representation and analysis.

  • Scalability: Limited tunnel connections restrict growth and scalability.

  • Operational Efficiency: Complex setups disrupt ongoing operations, reducing overall efficiency.

Resolving Challenge with Cogent Tunnellers

Eliminates Inbound Firewall Ports

Securely integrate data without exposing your networks, reducing security risks.

Maintains OPC UA Data Model

Ensure accurate data representation by maintaining the integrity of the OPC UA data model.

Integrate Data Without Exposing Networks

Enhance operational efficiency by integrating data without network exposure.

Eliminates DCOM Issues

Build a more robust and reliable system, free from DCOM complexities and issues.

Unlimited Tunnel Connections

Scale seamlessly with unlimited tunnel connections per DataHub instance.

Laszlo Simon, the Engineering Manager for the TEVA API plant in Debrecen, Hungary, faced a seemingly simple project: connecting new control applications through several OPC stations to an existing SCADA network. The plant ran large YOKOGAWA DCS and GE PLC control systems, connected to distributed SCADA workstations.


However, Mr. Simon encountered two significant challenges:

  • Firewall Separation: The OPC servers and SCADA systems were on different computers, separated by a company firewall, making it extremely difficult to connect OPC over a network due to the complexities of configuring DCOM and Windows security permissions.

  • Data Aggregation: Each SCADA system needed to access data from all the new OPC server stations, requiring a way to aggregate data into a single common data set.


After searching online, Mr. Simon downloaded and installed DataHub® software. Quickly, he connected a DataHub instance to each OPC server, reading live process data from TEVA’s new control systems. He easily set up OPC tunneling links between the OPC server stations and the SCADA workstations by installing another DataHub instance on each SCADA computer and configuring it to connect to the OPC server stations. This setup allowed him to view data from both OPC servers on either SCADA system.

Data Processing
Case Study: 
TEVA combines tunnelling and aggregation to network OPC data through a firewall
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