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Jointly hosted by:
ISDN Software Business | AVEVA | IEEE Computer Society

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The Industrial Innovation Challenge 2022 is a competition held and sponsored by 3 parties: ISDN Software Business, AVEVA and the IEEE Computer Society.

The Competition seeks to get participants to apply their process design skills to solve real-world design problems. A unique opportunity to develop their experience while being mentored and supported through the entire competition by expert leaders from  ISDN Software Business.

This year's competition will have two categories: Open and Educational

Your chance to understand real-world customer problems

Curious to put your skills to the test to solve a real customer problem? This is your chance to do so! 

We will be inviting our customers to submit a problem they're currently facing, and you'll have to work with your team members to design a solution that's ready for implementation. Don't miss this rare opportunity to go behind the scenes to solve actual customer issues.


Solve real-world customer challenges

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Work with industry leading businesses


Apply your industrial knowledge

Competition Details

Competition Categories

Open Category

In this category, companies can form into teams of max 5 to participate in the Challenge. All team members to be from the same company. 

Educational Category

In this category, students studying in tertiary institutions in Singapore can form teams of maxto participate in the Challenge. All teams are to have a Faculty Member both for Mentorship and Support/Sponsor role.

The Educational Category is jointly organised with the IEEE Computer Society.

Rules of Participation
  1. For all industries, partners, customers, and working professionals in Singapore and in Philippines

  2. Entries can be submitted either as an Individual or Group 

FREE Webinars, Demo and Workshops

To help participants prepare for their competition entries, ISDN Software will run a series of demos and presentation sessions to introduce the AVEVA software and provide references on the applications.

Register For Briefing Now!
Open Category
  • How to register?
    Click on the registration button to register for the competition. All you will need is the following: Name of Team Members and email address Name and email address of a Faculty Member both for Mentorship and Support role. (Applicable for Student Teams only) All team members are to be from the same institution, but can be from different diplomas or degrees.
  • Can I use this as my Final Year Project?
    Yes you can. The timeline for this competition ties in with your Final Year project, so you can work on this as your final year project topic.
  • What is Industrial Innovation Challenge 2023?
    With digital transformation becoming a norm in the industrial space, companies are looking not only to translate their physical processes into the digital space, but also looking to do more with their digital ecosystem. This includes integrating applications that are working in silos, creating centralised databases, enabling better team collaboration, and more! The ISDN Industrial Innovation Challenge is your chance to put your skills to the test! The Challenge, gives you the opportunity to work on real-life industry problems faced by companies in today's world, while being mentored by Industry Experts from ISDN Software Business.
  • How will ISDN work with participants?
    ISDN Software Business will provide the software needed, and also the consultation to guide students on solving the challenges. Free Webinars, Workshops and Demos will be held to provide the students with the information and guidance they need. We will also assign a team to provide consultation to the student team.
Glass Buildings

Attractive Prizes To Be Won!

1st Prize: SGD1,800
2nd Prize: SGD 1,200
3rd Prize: SGD 900

+ 2 special prizes:
Most Innovative Award
Best Presenter Award

*All prizes are presented as gift vouchers

IIC 2021 Top Prize goes to Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic resolve a challenge faced by a local Singapore Fish Farm, and automated their fish feeding process. 

The local fish farm was thrilled to have the solution implemented on-site resolving the daily challenges they face. Read more about the challenge and solution. Or check out the other case studies from our #IIC2021!

You can be the next winner! Register to participate in the challenge today.

Image by Dan Gold

Competition Timeline

Registration for competition entry starts after the webinar series, and after the participant specifies their topic during their registration submission. The ISDN Solution Consultants will communicate with registered participants to plan and outline the contents of their selected topics.
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