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Currently, on site there is a BMS (Building Monitoring System) which shows the values of various system. The systems are HVAC and wet process. There are no dashboard to show how these values trend over time and measure against KPI. Also the BMS is not able to communicate with IoT devices. The historian currently resides in a server based PC which does not have backup. In the event of a server crash, information will be lost.

Key Challenges

  • HMI to show dashboard for the various important parameters that can be trended over time and also measured against KPI.

  • To prevent information loss during downtime for the historian server.


  • To use the new dashboard created to allow for predictive monitoring and machine learning.

  • With predictive monitoring and machine learning, end users will be alerted to potential problems with the system before the system breaks down.


Software used:

Stratus zTC Edge 110i | AVEVA System Platform | AVEVA Historian | InTouch OMI

To use the new Aveva package to drive for this change in the HMI system. With the AVEVA software, dashboards can be created and display as a home screen before diving down to the various system. To use the Stratus zTc edge as the historian server to achieve high availability and fault tolerant.

KPI Dashboard

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 9.14.39 AM.png

FMS Home Page

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 9.14.51 AM.png


  • With the dashboards all on the KPI screen display, it provides all the important values at one glance, providing visual aid. This helps the user to understand what the values means over time.

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