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Powering Smart Operations for Sustainable Growth

ISDN Software stands at the forefront of industrial software solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of platforms designed to enhance operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. 

ISDNSuite Software

Data Processing

IOT Unified Data Namespace

Organizing and linking data from various IoT devices, enabling seamless data flow and interoperability across different systems and platforms

Data Processing

Supply Chain Management

Using IOT and data analytics to optimize the flow of goods and information, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness in the supply chain.

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Warehouse Management

Using IoT and robotics to optimize inventory control, streamline operations, and enhance real-time decision-making in warehousing processes

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Asset Digital

Simplifies life cycle and data management, offering accessible engineering insights, minimizing errors, and enhancing efficiency through intuitive visualization of complex information.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Managing, monitoring, and synchronizing real-time manufacturing processes on the factory floor for optimized decision making


Equipment Predictive Maintenance

Harnessing AI to streamline predictive maintenance, overcoming production bottlenecks, intricate parameter analysis, and the lack of analytical talent in production.

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Ready to Go Products

Revolutionize your data flow with secure, efficient gateway solutions that simplify connectivity and unlock actionable insights
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Optimize your operations with inspection round management, facilitates communication through a messaging gateway, and maintains orderly shift logbooks
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Industrial alarm management solution ensures compliance with rigorous standards and regulations, safeguarding your operational integrity with precision and reliability.
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Case Study: 

SMART Lab - Transforming Manufacturing with Smart Technology

Discover how ISDN help our customer to build a SMART Lab, revolutionizing manufacturing with cutting-edge technology. Explore our insightful case study on their transformative journey.

Hear from our customers

We aim to provide a comprehensive centralize platform for data collection, monitoring and visualization of all the equipment operating at our customer sites, saving time and manpower, and also to do advanced data analytics such as predictive maintenance analysis to these equipment. This is the key values proposition to our customers compare to our competition."

Bulox Corporation Company

Our business needs Energy Management Digital Solutions to ensure compliance to the EU Emission Trading System and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Compliance by the year 2025. It is crucial for sustainability of our business."

Tycoons Worldwide Group

(Thailand) Public Co., Ltd

TruCare is the most beneficial way to link highly-efficient turbocharger technology with decades of turbocharger health and service knowledge.  Based on innovative health analysis algorithms and a trendsetting service data management, TruCare will support the vessel operator during the whole turbocharger lifecycle on a new level to keep control of maintenance needs and costs of their equipment."


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