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Powering Smart Operations for Sustainable Growth

ISDN Software Business believes in empowering you to prepare for the future. Change is daunting, but we can help you meet your needs as you venture towards the inevitable digital transformation at minimum risks on your investments.

Selected Solutions

Data Processing

IOT Unified Data Namespace

Organizing and linking data from various IoT devices, enabling seamless data flow and interoperability across different systems and platforms

Data Processing

Supply Chain Management

Using IOT and data analytics to optimize the flow of goods and information, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness in the supply chain.

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Warehouse Management

Using IoT and robotics to optimize inventory control, streamline operations, and enhance real-time decision-making in warehousing processes

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Alarm Management Solution

Using advanced analytics and intuitive operation, significantly boosting the efficiency and reliability of industrial alarm systems.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Managing, monitoring, and synchronizing real-time manufacturing processes on the factory floor for optimized decision making


Intelligent O&M AI Assistant

Meet Lily, your Operations & Maintenance AI Assistant, providing insights, guidance, and efficient knowledge capture for smarter, faster, and safer operations.

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Case Study: 

Syngenta SMART Lab - Transforming Manufacturing with Smart Technology

Discover how Syngenta SMART Lab is revolutionizing manufacturing with cutting-edge technology by exploring our insightful case study on their transformative journey.

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