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Jointly hosted by:
ISDN Software Business | AVEVA | Stratus Technologies


The Industrial Innovation Challenge 2021 is a competition held and sponsored by 3 parties: ISDN Software Business, AVEVA and Stratus Technologies. 

The Competition seeks to get participants to apply their process design skills to solve real-world design problems. A unique opportunity to develop their experience while being mentored and supported through the entire competition by expert leaders from  ISDN Software Business, AVEVA and Stratus Technologies. 

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FREE Webinars, Demo and Interactive Workshops

In line with this competition we are organizing a series of webinars, demo and workshops. You may get some ideas after attending these activities for your competition entry.
All are welcome to register for the below.
  • Total 3 topics (45 min per session)

  • General concepts, business drivers and benefits of AVEVA solutions

  • Include AVEVA System Platform, AVEVA Edge to Enterprise, AVEVA Asset Performance, AVEVA Operation Management Portfolio (MES, APC etc)


Demo Workshops

  • Three demos sessions (1 hour per session)

  • Predefined use cases or demo to explain specific functions and features of AVEVA solutions

  • Includes AVEVA DigitalOEE, AVEVA InSight, Stratus FT Concept, AVEVA UOC


Interactive Workshops

  • Three hands-on sessions (2 hours per session; reservation required)

  • Online sessions with hands-on practice and lab

Competition Details

Competition Topics
All entries must be related to at least one of the topics* below

Topic #1: Plant Operation Management and Asset Performance

Combine AVEVA and Stratus’ solutions for plant operation management and asset performance in industries such as F&B, Electronics and Process Industry - the solution accelerates modernization and automation of your industrial environments, bring added security, simplicity and peace of mind to joint customers while eliminating the threat of unplanned downtime, financial and reputational risk.

Topic #2: Monitoring And Control

Adopt Stratus’ rugged, highly available Edge Computing platform and AVEVA Monitoring and Controls Software for process monitoring and unifying operations, and transform how you acquire and manage data at the operational edge.

Topic #3: Information Management

Implement AVEVA information management solutions with the integration of Stratus’ solutions to solve the inherent challenges of bandwidth, latency, and security at edge locations to enable IIoT devices and data acquisition - the integrated solution will protect critical data, keep applications up and running, offer predictive servicing and secure connectivity.

*All topics must take into consideration of Fault Tolerance High Availability (99.999%) deployment as part of the overall solution using Stratus Computers
Rules of Participation
  1. For all industries, partners, customers, working professionals in Singapore and the Philippines

  2. Entries can be submitted either as an Individual, Group or even Company

FREE Webinars, Demo and Workshops

To help participants prepare for their competition entries, ISDN Software will run a series of demos and presentation sessions to introduce the AVEVA software and provide references on the applications.


Attractive Prizes To Be Won!

1st Prize: SGD1,800 (Voucher)

2nd Prize: SGD 1,200 (Voucher)
3rd Prize: SGD 900 (Voucher)
4th Prize: SGD 450 (Voucher)
5th Prize: SGD 450 (Voucher)
Image by Dan Gold

Competition Timeline

Registration for competition entry starts after the webinar series, and after the participant specifies their topic during their registration submission. The ISDN Solution Consultants will communicate with registered participants to plan and outline the contents of their selected topics.

9 July

Announcement of webinar series. Register below.

23 July - 24 Sept

Webinar series


27 July

Competition registration open. Register online.

15 Oct

Registration closes

5 Nov

First submission for review

19 Nov

Final submission for review

3 Dec

Evaluation and selection


10 and 17 Dec

Presentation by 5 shortlisted entries 

17 Dec

Announcement of winner

Registration closes 15 Oct 2021

Enter your details to participate in the competition and win attractive prizes!

Thanks for your registration!

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