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Recipe Management Solution Workshop

Hands-on Recipe Management Solution Workshop

- By Servo Dynamics & ISDN Software Business

Managing an enterprise batch production or single-site production operation can be daunting with the number of recipes you need to maintain accurately and consistently. Remove the stress of managing these potential issues by automating your product formulas and setups while programming into product equipment and machines during manufacturing.

Attend our upcoming workshop, where we will share our insights on Wonderware’s recipe management system platform. 


Do note that the topics covered will be on an advanced level. We strongly recommend that you select 2-3 experienced pre-sales engineers from your company to attend the workshops.


Here are the workshop details:


Date: 11 Sept 2020
Time: 2pm
Duration: 2 hours


Workshop Topics

  • Wonderware Recipe Manager Overview

    • Functional overview

    • Architecture introduction

    • Introduce the concept of Capability

    • How to define the formula and recipe sequence

    • How to link equipment with recipe

  • Using Recipe Manager with System Platform

    • Recipe manager object in System Platform

    • Import the recipe manager model to System Platform

    • Configuration of Control signals for recipe execution

  • Reporting

    • Recipe reporting setup

    • How to customize the report

  • Labs

    • Hands-on practical

    • Demonstration

Limited seats available. Successful registrations will be notified via email.

Thank you for your interest. Registrations are closed. 

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