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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

ISDN Warehouse Management System (WMS)

ISDN WMS is a cloud-based system that manages your warehouse inventory in real-time, no matter where your facility is located. It automates various warehouse operations, including receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, and shipping, and offers features such as smart planning, decision automation, automated categorization, barcode system, and voice picking add-ons. 


  • Commercial off-the-shelf software

  • Improved warehouse efficiency

  • Increase stock accuracy

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Optimise workflows with automation

  • Reduce manpower and operation costs

  • Improve product handling process


  1. Receiving: Receiving sales orders based on manufacturing output and existing stock.

  2. Inventory: Receive real-time inventory updates including details like location, pallet number, or expiry date.

  3. Picking: Improve efficiency by automatically creating order groups to create the best pick-up plan.

  4. Stock-Take: Manual stock take is time-consuming. Our system automates the stock-take process so employees can get real-time, updated information on the inventory.

  5. Kitting: Automatically group related items together so they can be packaged and supplied as one package.

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